Our Approach

We work to prepare you for financial freedom.

Saybrook Wealth Group provides you with a customized approach, striving to meet your specific goals. Our clients find clarity through our personalized process:

You First

We will invest the time to get to know you and your goals. Through thoughtful conversation, we’ll work with you to create a plan and vision for your ideal future.


With the complete picture in mind, we will present a comprehensive, detail-oriented assessment of your finances and propose solutions to target your goals.

Monitor and Adjust

We will actively monitor your portfolio and investments to reflect your goals, while making necessary adjustments to keep you on track for the long-term plan.

You First.

We spend time getting to know what is important to you. Thinking about your financial future can seem overwhelming. By defining your goals and aligning your finances around them we help you to build upon the efforts you have already made while addressing issues you may have not even thought of.

Retirement: The Best Years are Yet to Come

There are many moving parts to consider, but preparing for retirement doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Saybrook Wealth Group simplifies this process for you, helping navigate toward your ideal retirement.

Retirement planning is really about income planning. We personalize strategies that you can implement both now and later to alleviate the tax burden, including the best time for you to withdraw Social Security, how to maximize contributions to various accounts, and more.